Scottish Breakfast

What Is Usually Included In A Typical Scottish Breakfast?

For those who are concerned about their Scottish descent and wish to trace back to their roots in this region, it is important that one is familiar with the rituals and traditions of this community. Those who are Scottish have certain aspects of their life or likings that are typical and one aspect is their breakfast. Known as the most important meal of the day, a Scottish breakfast is something that has certain common food items for all those who are Scottish at heart.

A typical and traditional Scottish breakfast is a cooked meal that has an assortment of breakfast food items. There are several inns in Scotland that boast of the typical Scottish breakfast that they serve. One of the aspects that make a Scottish breakfast truly traditional is the inclusion of locally sourced ingredients such as the use of eggs that are sourced locally or the use of organic and fresh produce. There would be several items that would be part of a full Scottish breakfast such as fried haggis, beans, toast, potato hash, back bacon, fried mushrooms, Lorne sausage, grilled tomatoes, black pudding, potato scones, kippers, oatcakes, and porridge. While all such items might not be served in a single breakfast, for a true buffet layout of a Scottish breakfast you will certainly want to include such items. Alongside there is orange juice, black tea, milk, cream, Scottish preserves and jam as well.

Toast is quintessential in any breakfast and hence, it need not be surprising that it is part of a Scottish breakfast. However, it is usually thick and whole grain. Haggis is a traditional dish that is made out of stuffing, put in a sheep’s stomach. It is often fried and serviced for breakfast that helps to add crunch and flavor to such a meal. Most people would prefer to have scrambled or poached eggs over their toast as well as dried beans. Wedges or potato hash is another common feature that is part of breakfast in other regions as well. The scones made of potato here are different and are also known as tattie scones. Lorne sausage is a kind that is made in a loaf pan and is also known as a square slice. The black pudding is made from meat and blood, which gives it a rich, dark look. Kippers are slices of herring that are smoked and turn out to be flavorful and aromatic. These are some of the authentic features of a traditional Scottish breakfast.

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