This is a project that offers you detailed information about the Scottish genealogical heritage. The main reason for the name ‘The Red Book Project’ is because the genealogical information about the Gaelic culture is written in red color. This is done to show that it represents the color of blood. This is why this Scottish genealogy carries the name ‘The Red Book Project’. If you browse through the history books, you will find all the genealogical representations as Red Books.

The Red Book Project stemmed out of the effort put in by a lot of hard working historians. They spent many hours searching plenty of genealogy books and evidence-based works to bring out the details of Scotland and its culture. There has been a steady decline in the genealogy of Scottish historical research.

As we have like-minded people interested in knowing more about the history of Scotland, we have come out with a blog to enlighten our enthusiastic readers about the Scottish historic heritage. We have taken all efforts to make sure that the details and facts carried out in this Red Book Project are true and correct. We have carried out hours and hours of research on the topic to come out with the book. This will be a treat to read and one to cherish for everyone who has a fascination to know about the Scottish history.

There are strict parameters in place in a genealogy research. This is followed to the fullest in this book. We have taken all efforts to make sure that all parameters are followed in the book.