What is the Red Book of Scotland Project? :

Established some twenty-seven or so years ago, the aim of The Red Book of Scotland Project is to conduct extensive research within existing original documentation and use the information contained therein to assemble genealogical accounts of each of Scotland’s designated families from their earliest origins to as far forward in time as possible. Unlike many other works of genealogy, this Project does not confine itself to extolling the social attributes of senior most members of each family but, instead, it is broad-ranging and is focused on identifying as many family members, male and female alike, and their descendants so as to piece together as comprehensive an account as documentation will allow.


I am pleased to now be in a position to announce the release of the First Series of The Red Book of Scotland. This is a five-volume work and is the first in a two series set that will eventually comprise eleven volumes in total. The first series contains those genealogical accounts which are currently up to an acceptable standard with the second series to deal with those families not included in the first. Each volume extends to about 1,000 pages and content is arranged alphabetically. The first series volumes are split thus :

Volume 1: A-C

Volume 2: D-G

Volume 3: H-Mo

Volume 4: Mu-R

Volume 5: S-W



Farquharson of Invercauld

Hay of Kennet


Volumes 1, 2,3 & 4 are now available to purchase via this website with the remainder being in the final stages of preparation and scheduled for release by the end of this month. In due course the entire series will also feature on the international website of a well-known family history company who have partnered in this venture. For further details including content, please see the Red Books of Scotland page.


And Finally:

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Gordon MacGregor

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